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Marcelo Lobo
Marcelo Lobo started his musical career in the guitar in 1997, and thus started his first compositions, based on his vision on the human behavior. In 2000 he developed his skills in the drums, and created his first band with his brother Marcos Caré, Juca and Paulo Enrique. In 2003 he started to study the electric guitar, searching for different riffs and impressive performances.

Rodrigo Pipa
Rodrigo Pipa has also started his musical career with the acoustic guitar, performed in bands with different styles, and played the double bass. With musical references of Rage Against the Machine, Groundation, Black Sabbath among others, Pipa creates his grooves with a little mix of each musical style.

Marcos Caré
Marcos Caré had his first contact with the drums at the end of 2002. In March 2006 he directed his life to a deep study, dedicated to the study of technical knowledge and musical theory. With few musical references, he works with simple grooves, applies turnovers according to the creativity of the guitar, and respects the harmony of each song.

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